Yesterday afternoon we had an incredible happening with the all-new, 2021 Ford Bronco leaking out early. While we are left wondering if Ford did this on purpose to preempt anything related to the postponement of the 2020 New York Auto Show (NYIAS), we cannot be sure.

Something Agent 001 and I have been kicking around is how well this all-new Bronco will take to buyers. For what feels like an eternity now, I've been getting hounded about details surrounding the truck since word broke about its resurrection.

Lately, we've been wondering if the Bronco will have the juice to surpass another icon from the Blue Oval. That would be the Mustang.

Given the appetite for trucks, especially tough ones, it seems like Ford might be striking while the iron is hot. We see highly modified Jeep Wranglers very, very often. Can Ford disrupt that and speak to the enthusiast crowd?

To beat the Mustang, the Bronco has to sell just about 72,500 copies. Can the Bronco do it?

2021 Ford Bronco

Now That You've SEEN It, Do YOU Think That The All-new Ford Bronco Has A Chance To OUTSELL The Mustang?

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