Now, I know I certainly do not speak for everyone here but I've been sort of wondering for a bit of time now.

Is it just me or is the all-new Land Rover Defender just not hitting the right notes? I don't know. Its design isn't particularly impressive to me.

Rather than look like a tough truck, it looks awfully feminine and, frankly, soft. I am not so sure that Land Rover really crushed it with its futuristic take on a Land Rover classic.

It's almost as though there's something missing from this truck. Maybe I am not alone.

Photoshop wizard Avarvarii put themselves to work to create a more tarted up version of the Defender. As Jaguar Land Rover leans on its Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division from time-to-tiime, we suspect it will do the same for one of its landmark vehicles.

While Avarvarii created a rendering of an SVR Defender, I am actually thinking that Land Rover may go the other way. Leverage its SVO department to create an even MORE capable off-road truck.

That said, what do YOU make of this render?

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RENDERED! Does The All-new Land Rover Defender NEED The SVR Treatment To SPICE Up Its Design?

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