The coronavirus has landed on the US auto industry’s doorstep as Michigan officials late Tuesday night confirmed the state’s first two cases of the disease.

While America’s largest auto plants have not yet been impacted by
the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain shortages and the increase in domestic cases, including Michigan, which represents at least 17% of America’s automotive output, add to concerns that it’s not a matter of if, but when, U.S. auto operations will be impacted.

“I don’t see anybody coming out unscathed,” Kristin Dziczek, vice president of industry, labor and economics at the Center for Automotive Research, told CNBC. “Everybody’s going to be impacted. It’s to what degree and how much they’ve been able to mitigate the risks since we’ve known about this over the last months..."

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U.S. Auto Industry Likely To Feel Impact Of Coronavirus As Cases Mount In Michigan

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