Although I know the world has shifted away from sedans as buyers seek large sport-utility vehicles, I still have a thing for sedans. Call me an old man, I just happen to like the way the latest sedans drive.

They can do the sporty and luxury thing very well.

And if you're not sold on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class then what are you supposed to do? That's where the M760i and S8 come into the picture.

In this head-to-head, see where two of the top German executive sedans shake out. Then, let us know WHICH you'd prefer.

Would YOU have the M760i or the S8?

This week James and Thomas try out the brand new 2020 Audi S8, and test it alongside the most expensive BMW you can buy, the M760i. They are both all wheel drive monstrously powerful executive sedans! Let's see which one comes out on top...

CAR WARS! FLAGSHIP Edition: Audi S8 vs. BMW M760i — WHO Did It Better?

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