I was going for a walk last night on the main drag. It was only 7:00 o'clock in the evening and it felt like 3:00 in the morning in August. In other words, desolate.

This entire happening has been surreal. If you had proposed a global pandemic that would cripple the United States in a multitude of ways two months ago, I would have told you, "You're full of sh!t." Yet, here we are.

Obviously, this extraordinary time has brought people together and started some interesting dialogue. A lot of the conversation surrounds the apocalypse.

Of course this got us thinking a bit.

While there's been greater interest in electric vehicles, we have to wonder if this coronavirus pandemic has made EV buyers rethink their escape plan should things get really hairy. It wouldn't be optimal to search for a supercharger — which will take about 20-30 minutes to juice you up — if people are running for their lives, right?

That said, we've got to wonder: Is the COVID-19 pandemic just ONE more reason to NOT get an EV?

Is This Pandemic Just ONE More Reason NOT To Get An EV?

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