In-car technology has exploded in recent years. Not only has it become more prevalent and trickled down to even economy cars, it's also being implemented in a multitude of different ways.

Now, you can interact with your vehicle's tech through buttons, voice, gestures and mobile-friendly software (e.g., Android Auto and Apple CarPlay).

As with all good things, there's a drawback, however. Ever since tech has pervaded our vehicle's cabins, there's been an outcry that it was actually overwhelming average drivers. I can understand why. The reality is, some people are easily distracted.

The problem with that assessment is it was anecdotal. Well, until now.

The UK's largest road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, conducted research comparing how driver's reaction times vary from the drinking and driving limit to cannabis usage to utilizing Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The results *MAY* shock you.

If the data is to be believed, it's pretty clear that technology are making for less safe drivers. Are we heading in the WRONG direction as it relates to tech or does it just need to be implemented more intuitively?

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