If there's one consistent thing I've noticed about reviews of the all-new Porsche Taycan Turbo S, it's this. It's fast.

OK. So, what?

Well, there is more to Porsche's all-new electric vehicle. Some of it discussed, some of it not. The biggest differentiator between it and the rest of the EV world is that it features an 800-volt power supply. To put this in perspective, this is akin to what Porsche uses in its prototype-class (LMP1) 919 Hybrid race car.

There's just one catch. While this tech is cutting-edge and could result in much quicker charging times, in reality, it sort of doesn't. That's because there aren't many places that one can stop, charge up and leverage the peak 270kW charging capacity. Most buyers will simply charge the vehicle in their multi-car garages.

Ultimately then, we want to know: What's the deal with the Taycan Turbo S? CAR reveals more in its review.

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The Taycan is an incredible technical achievement. It does the things we all enjoy about driving – accelerating, braking, going around corners - with supreme alacrity, and features a massive well of capability largely untapped by normal driving.  

While the whirr of electric propulsion feels robotic compared to a living, breathing combustion engine, this Porsche with its combination of brutal performance and agile handling moves the game on considerably by adding a bit of personality into the mix. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 after he’s learned to smile and say ‘hasta la vista’. 

Plus with petrol-engined cars becoming increasingly sanitised by turbos and particulate filters and autonomy the void between EVs and the philosophical ideal sports car is considerably tighter than you’d expect. And the Taycan closes that gap further still.

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