If you haven't noticed, the MOPAR crowd has had a thing for those stupid spoiler guards. You know, the yellow bits that are put on the car for delivery to protect its front valence.

For whatever reason, the owners don't take them off.

It's sort of like when people bought baseball hats, left the brim flat and kept the stickers on them from the automaker. I think? Keeping it fresh, I suppose.

According to FCA's Global Head of Design, Ralph Gilles, when an all-new experimental design for a next-gen Dodge featured yellow accents as a nod to the folks who LOVE spoiler guards, it was canned. You can't quite blame him now, can you?

Having said that, we thought it was pretty cool for Gilles to share the concept anyway — even if it was a joke. BUT, we couldn't help but wonder: IF THIS was the next-gen Challenger would YOU approve?

RENDERED! IF THIS Was The Next-gen Dodge Challenger, Would YOU Be Excited Or NOT So Much?

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