When it comes down to it, supercars are just the same as regular ones. Sure, they're faster and more exotic — no one's questioning that.

But they get driven, parked, crashed and ticketed just the same as an entry-level vehicle.

With smartphones now the norm and cameras filming 24/7, we've seen our fair share of horror shows. Usually it involves poor driving and an end result that we wish we didn't see. Other times the situation turns tragic, which we never want to see.

And other times, it's something we just can't help but laugh at. Take, for example, this Ferrari 599 GTO that's parked on a London street. Yes, you're seeing that correctly: It's got a boot.

Having said that, seeing this picture got my wheels turning. So, I've got to wonder: What's the most CRIMINAL thing you've seen happen to a SUPERCAR?

What's The Most CRIMINAL Thing You've Seen Happen To A SUPERCAR?

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