To say world leaders and their teams have their work cut out for them when this pandemic finally breaks, could be the understatement of this new decade.

But the stakes in the USA are the highest because we HAD, the best economy before this crisis.

President Trump has already said he will be helping industries like airlines, cruise business, etc.

But he hasn't hinted anything detailed about what he might or might not do for the auto industry.

Oil and cars? The two biggest industries?

That would be a yes.

So we're asking our savvy, car-centric audience to weigh in on their favorite subject.

If you were the President, what would YOU do to rev things back up? Make a vehicle purchase 100% deductible in 2020? Or something else?

And don't say another cars and clunkers. What a DOG that was and SO 2008.

Spies, discuss...

If YOU Were President Trump, What Would YOU Do For The Auto Industry To Get It Rolling Again? Make A Car Purchase 100% Tax Deductible?

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