Anyone who has put on clothes they’re comfortable being seen in and gone for a drive in recent days has without a doubt noticed a difference—that the thrum of society, the movement of cars on the roads that connect towns and cities, is gone and has been replaced by the hallmarks of a pandemic: silence and naked pavement.

And then the inevitable happens. A light goes green somewhere in the distance and the roar of a V8 shakes the air awake. Within seconds, a full-blown riot has taken place, and fresh tire marks are the only evidence to prove that some hooligan has abused their coupe for an adrenaline rush. That scene is one that’s playing out with increasing frequency as gearheads take advantage of now-empty streets and police forces with new priorities, but that doesn’t mean they all get away with it.

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Why Are Shelter In Place Orders Causing More Speeding Tickets?

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