Prince Harry and his wife Meghan were spotted in LA donning masks and walking through neighborhoods bringing boxes of groceries to people quarantined.

If you've been following the news this whole thing is becoming a sideshow but we'll never be ones to criticize people doing charity and good for people.

But the question WE have, has NOTHING to do with anything except figuring out what kind of vehicle they decided to drive now that they're here in the states. Would they go ENGLISH or further piss off the Royal family and drive something blasphemous to Queen and country like an Audi, MB or BMW?

And this challenge isn't easy because there is a KIA Optima blocking it but the doors are open and so is the hatch. But this puzzle will NEVER too hard for the Auto Spies.

So who can REVEAL the choice of the EX-Royals FIRST?

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SPIED! Prince Harry And Meghan Tooling Around LA. Can YOU GUESS The Vehicle They Drive?

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