It wasn't long ago that electrified vehicles were mere bit-players within automakers' lineups. Today, that outlook is changing rapidly as hybrids/EVs begin to take over as leading models. The quickest Porsche Panamera is the E-Hybrid version, and the next-gen BMW 7 Series will be crowned by a fully electric variant.

Now, even non-premium brands like Kia are following suit - according to Auto Express, the Korean manufacturer is set to launch an electric crossover next year that will act as its halo model. For now, it's known as the Kia CV and it'll feature 800-volt technology from another highly regarded EV: the Porsche Taycan. Right now, Kia's priciest model is the full-size K900 sedan, which comes in at around the $60,000 mark - the CV should challenge how much customers are willing to pay for a Kia.

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Say WHAT? Kia To Build Taycan Fighting EV Crossover

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