Tesla is a young manufacturer and it therefore can’t quite match the level of fit and finish that established premium automakers provide. We’ve heard of sketchy panel gaps, paint issues and misaligned trim pieces, but this is to our knowledge the first time a Tesla’s steering wheel has fallen off in the driver’s hands (and while driving, no less).

The report comes straight from Blackpool, the United Kingdom, where a fresh Model 3 owner, who had received his car for around a month, so it’s essentially a brand new vehicle, reported that the steering wheel came off just as he was reversing into his driveway. On that day, the car had been driven for around 20 miles, and the owner considers himself lucky that the wheel-off incident occurred exactly at the end of his journey.

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THIS Is The Quality Control You Don't Want: Tesla Model 3 Loses The STEERING Wheel While Driving

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