When Elon Musk threw the covers off the CyberTruck it was a shot heard around the world. The 'Red Pill' revealed a pickup truck like NO other.

And since then, whatever buzz companies like Rivian were building faded into the sunset.

Now, a few people who were somewhere they weren't supposed to be overheard this little gem.

Even Elon was blown away at the response of CyberTruck and he and his team knew they had a hit on their hands. So WHY stop at going after the F-150. Why not build a full blown badass SUV based off the CyberTruck platform? And spoil the party at Land Rover AND Mercedes-Benz.

So tell us Spies...Would YOU be a DEFENDER of that? Would it hit your 'G' SPOT?

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Spies Claim Elon’s Next Move Is Badass SUV Based On CyberTruck. Are You A DEFENDER Of This? Does It Hit Your ‘G’ Spot?

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