It's pretty easy to figure out the popular vehicles or highest rated just by doing a quick search on the internet.

But most sites give MOST of their attention to rides with 'click' buzz and many aren't even available yet. The New Corvette, Ford Bronco, Tesla CyberTruck.

But finding the underrated gems out there isn't as easy.

Many only find out about them buy with a friend who own one, a dealership test drive, a dealer loaner car, insurance rental loaner. Or on obscure sites or forums.

But we assure you they're out there. And many you may never consider.

Let me pick one and explain.

Both 00R and I think one of the most underrated products out there is the Honda Accord. UNLOVED by the brand snobs. When people ask us what to buy who may be considering say a low end Mercedes, we tell them they should SERIOUSLY consider the new Accord. It's a pretty fantastic product, especially for the $$$.

But a BMW, MINI, MB, Lexus snob may never even LOWER themselves to go check one out. You may still buy the original car you went looking for but you'll be better for at least the experience so you can properly judge what's decent these days.

So we want you to name THREE rides like the Accord that you can buy TODAY for UNDER $40k MSRP. And are ANY American? Car, Truck or SUV. Or a mix.

And be sure to tell us WHY they're underrated in your opinion and what you like about them.

What Are The THREE Most UNDERRATED Vehicles For Sale In 2020? And Are ANY American?

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