One week ago today Chandler purchased the Stradman’s C8 Corvette. This video shows the behind-the-scenes footage of Chandler and The Stradman racing the C8 Corvette and the Tesla Model 3.

Chandler David Smith has been investing in real estate for the last 7+ years. He currently owns 99 units of rental real estate and is known for only buying the fun stuff if his passive income can pay for it. This last week he decided it was time to purchase another car and so he purchased the Stradman’s C8 Corvette. Chandler‘s channel usually focuses on finance and real estate investing however this was one experience he wanted to share with the world. In this video, Chandler shares what it’s like to hang out with the Stradman! In this video Chandler also got to check off another item on his bucket list, •beating the Stradman in a drag race.

VIDEO CAR WARS! 2020 Corvette C8 VS. Tesla Model 3 Performance! WHO Wins?

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