If you know me, you know I love trucks. SUVs, Pickups, Jeeps, Defenders (old), Bronco's, etc.

So I would venture to guess no one was more excited to see the all new Defender.  

Our friend Doug Demuro reviewed it today on YouTube and I have to say I was in SHOCK when he called it the HOTTEST SUV of the year.

Because, since the moment I saw it online, then at the auto shows I couldn't help but think OMG, WHAT a letdown!

I mean the damn thing looks like a Honda Element, not badass looking like say a RAPTOR.

It looks feminine, boring and when you see it up close, CHEAP. NOTHING like the quality of a Range Rover.

Now granted the outgoing defender wasn't an exercise in luxury but I assure you when you see the interior on this new defender, you'll think holy Mid-level Jeep Cherokee Laredo. NOT kidding.

I do like it's profile and I even kinda like the stupid body color panel above the gas cap.

But the face is hideous and although I like the rear, it looks like a MINI Clubman XXXL.

And lastly, I just can't help but think the new Ford Bronco is gonna blow it away.

So watch the video, then tell us WHO is right? DeMuro or Auto Spies?

DeMuro VS. Auto Spies! Doug Calls The 2020 Land Rover Defender The HOTTEST SUV OF 2020. We Call It The BIGGEST LETDOWN. WHO Is RIGHT?

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