You can hardly go a week without reading executive quotes predicting their companies doing GREAT things in the EV space.

But here's the reality. Since the Tesla Model S launched none of the competitors can even make a DENT in the USA.

And as time goes on auto companies keep dropping an ocean of cash into the HOPE that something will catch on and be a serious competitor to Elon's stuff.

In fact, with EVERY move they make, they have been WEAKENING their companies because let's be honest...NOTHING they have HAS A CHANCE against Tesla.

I'm not hating on the German's. You all know I love German cars. Just NOT their EV's.

And it's NOT just about products...QUICK, name the head of Porsche today. Or BMW. Or Audi. Truth be told, I had to google who ran them as of today.

Lesson: The LEADER is even MORE important than the product. Remember Steve Jobs? Bezos? Zuckerberg?

So when I hear that an Electric F-150 is coming or the Rivian, I'm skeptical.

When I worked at Apple and spent time with John Sculley, I remember him using the example of GM announcing they would challenge the Japanese small car market in the USA with the Chevette. He said just because you say you're going to make a small car doesn't matter if you don't make a GOOD small car. Even if its the biggest car company in the world making the statement. Boy, was he right.

So my question to you is will the truck companies face the same ineffectiveness against Tesla as the Germans and others have faced in the car game?

Will The Tesla CyberTruck Competitors Face The Same Mediocre Results As The Failed German EV's In The USA?

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