We all know the Genesis GV80 is coming soon but did you know that Bentley has refreshed the Bentayga for 2021?

Well they did and we're not sure it's any less hideous looking.

Let's be honest, if you know ANYTHING about cars the Bentayga and Roll-Royce Cullinan SUV's are two of the UGLIEST vehicles in recent memory. Not just homely, HIDEOUS.

So as we look at this attempted 'fix' of the Bentayga look, we can't think of the answer to our headline question.

The new Genesis GV80 100% tries to clone the Bentayga in the most Korean way possible and to be honest although it's not sexy, it's BETTER looking than the Bentayga. We know, that's not saying much. But the Genesis has other advantages like the self driving and safety technology being more advanced on the Korean.

You'd also have a LOT of dough leftover to buy Apple stock with on the next big dip.

So maybe you get it BETTER than we do and and can tell us what we're missing here.

Sure, the material quality doesn't compare and the nameplate isn't as prestigious but give us THREE reasons WHY anyone should buy the Bentley over the Genesis?

Other than the Badge, we're not sure you can do it.

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Give Us THREE Reasons To Buy A Refreshed 2021 Bentley Bentayga Instead Of The New Genesis GV80?

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