Pensions and Investment Research Consultants, which hails as one of the largest pension representation and lobby groups in the UK, is urging Tesla shareholders to remove Elon Musk over his 10-year CEO performance award and his Twitter behavior. According to Pirc, Musk’s compensation plan, which could net a record $55.8 billion payout, “unfairly riches the chief executive.”

In a recommendation on Tuesday, Pirc alleged that Tesla’s “Board, including CEO Elon Musk, awarded themselves excessive compensation packages over a three-year period that allegedly allowed directors to ‘enrich themselves at the company’s expense.’” The shareholder adviser also called on investors to vote against Musk’s re-election to Tesla’s board due to the deal, as it posed a “serious risk of reputational harm to the company and its shareholders.”

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Shareholders Want To Remove Elon Musk From Tesla Board Over Twitter Use

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