Improvements to Tesla’s driver-assist suite are poised to accelerate in the near future, with Tesla CEO Elon Musk providing a brief yet exciting update on the ongoing Autopilot rewrite. According to Musk, the upcoming rewrite will usher in a lot of new functionality all at once, and it will also pave the way for improvements to the company’s labeling software. 

Musk’s recent update came as a response to Tesla owner-enthusiast @WholeMarsBlog, who asked about the status of the company’s Autopilot rewrite. Musk’s response was optimistic. “Going well. Team is kicking ass & it’s an honor to work with them. Pretty much everything had to be rewritten, including our labeling software, so that it’s fundamentally “3D” at every step from training through inference,” he wrote.

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Tesla Rewriting Autopilot Software From The Ground Up To Add More Selfdriving Features

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