In case you haven't noticed peoples taste in vehicle design is changing RAPIDLY.

Six months ago people were poo-pooing the look of CyberTruck but now as we sit in the pandemic bubble many are rethinking their feelings of what their go to vehicle should look like and be capable of.

Three lady friends of mine who were RELIABLE BMW and Porsche Customers just bought G-Classes.

And a lot of people are buzzing about the new Defender and Bronco.

And I think the reason is for the first time with things on edge is that they are thinking "what do I do IF the worst starts happening?" or "If my wife and kids are in a vehicle and it gets surrounded by anarchists, what will protect them best?".

You may think it's far fetched but those are the kind of conversations my dealer salespeople are being bantered about as people shop.

These are volatile and interesting times for sure.

As we speak, certain car companies that USED to be guaranteed business aren't sleeping easy these days.

Because companies like BMW, Porsche, Audi, VW, Lexus and others have NO answer in their stable to a product like a Bronco or G-Class.

This has the potential to become a real tricky problem for them...if the market really amps up for these 'end of the world' style vehicles they could be left out and NO DOUBT they're leaving a LOT of money on the table.

Think it would be odd for Porsche to dabble in this? Well, they actually DID at one time so they have a HISTORY.

The Porsche 597 Jagdwagen (roughly translated as "hunting car") was a light military vehicle, designed to fill the same general role as the Jeep, Kübelwagen and Land-Rover.

So SHOULD they be hedging bets and adding these type of vehicles to their portfolios?

Do BMW, Audi And Porsche HAVE To Respond To G-Class, Bronco And Defender Or Risk A HUGE Mistake?

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