Just what you asked for...ANOTHER story about the 2021 Ford Bronco. I know, just RELEASE the damn thing. No worries, that's coming Monday.

But go with us for a minute. When you have an announcement this big (a potential game changer) it leads us into many questions. That's our job.

We DO have a history of making some insanely great predictions and seeing trends years before the others.

The buzz that has been volleyed around the web gives all of us a pretty good indicator that the Bronco is going to be good.

Good for Ford, but MAYBE bad for a whole market and industry. Which one you ask?

The VINTAGE Bronco market and aftermarket customizers.

So here is the question.

Do you think the 2021 Ford Bronco will destroy the resale values of the vintage models and in turn the aftermarket shops that modify them?

What say you Spies?

Will Vintage Bronco Prices Drop When The New One Is Released?

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