Even thought EV's are less than 2% of the market, based on the media, you would think nine out of ten people own one and love it. And are never going back.

And for the record, we have nothing against electric cars. We just don't believe the hunger for them is there like the media wants you to think there is.

In certain areas of the country you see alot and it's easy to find people to talk about their real experiences are living with one day to day.

And in other areas not so much.

So how about we help the people out there who want to hear a non-partisan view from REAL EV owners. If you own one or did, let us know how you feel/felt having one as your go to vehicle.

What did you like and dislike?

And be sure to mention if you had a normal car as a backup or you live/lived on the edge with one as your one and only.

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Have YOU Had The Same Experiences Actually Trying To Live With An Electric Car Day To Day As These People?

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