Last night Ford went FULL Tesla with the 2021 Bronco by offering pre-orders on the upcoming vehicle for a CyberTruck copying $100 deposit.

Unfortunately, there were some server glitches and it took me three hours to finally get my deposit in.

But that said it finally went through and it was a smart move by Ford in a number of ways to mimic Tesla.

1. It gauges initial interest and obviously it was strong.
2. It helps planners see what models customers like and colors/options, etc.
3. It creates a great customer centric database.
4. It allows them to brag we sold out quickly, etc.

Those are just a few, but there are more.

But this article is about the 'CATCH'.

And what is that?

Well, when you order a CyberTruck for the price posted (MSRP) that IS the price you will pay. Elon can't say hey guys, everyone wants the expensive one so put a $20k premium on those.

But in the case of the Bronco, even though the customers who ordered THINK they will be buying them for MSRP, may be EXTREMELY disappointed that MANY dealers are gonna add what we call the 'stupid tax' on their allocations and take advantage of customers. And there is not much Ford corporate can do about it.

But Spies, there are good dealers out there like my friend Mary Ann at Encinitas Ford who told me my order would not only be sold at MSRP but if Ford allows the employee discounts for qualified people, it would honor that as well.

Now hear me clearly...that DOESN'T mean if you call them TODAY and order order one you'll get it at MSRP, the commitment was ONLY for the one I ordered online and the other online orders from their other customers.

So I encourage you to call and check before you DO order from your dealer so you don't get a last minute surprise.

Remember our motto friends, it pays to SPY before you BUY!

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That $100 Deposit You Put Down Yesterday For A 2021 Ford Bronco Has A Catch. And WE REVEAL IT.

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