In the 90's and early 2000's if you were looking for a car or an SUV, it was hard to consider an American or Korean product in your buying process.

But just like Apple passing Microsoft, a thing we all probably never thought could happen, these days almost everyone is making excellent products.

Just ask all those Telluride and Palisade owners I'm starting to see everywhere.

Or Lincoln Navigator buyers, etc.

The game has REALLY changed.

I used to religiously buy the German products but no more.

I'm driving a Kia Telluride and I'll be honest with you, if you handed me the keys to say a Lexus RX or BMW X5, I'd hand them back to you. The Telluride is THAT good.

Add to the mix that it's a good $20k less than those I mentioned optioned with all the toys.

So my question to you is have regular brands become so good that the luxury brands aren't worth the premium they cost these days?

Name and shame the ones that still ARE worth the premium and those that don't deserve our hard earned $$$.

Have Regular Brands Become So Good That The Luxury Brands Aren't Worth The Premium They Cost These Days?

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