If you would have told us just three years ago how much change would occur in the car business we probably wouldn't believe.

But more has happened in the last three years than in the last ten.

Big things. Like the death of the sedan. A truck that kind of looks like an aluminum range hood from the side that I actually have an order on. Companies like the Germans you could count on like a perpetual annuity.

But not any more. Many companies are trying to show brave faces but in the boardrooms they're crappin' perpetual bricks.

I made a prediction last year..."In 10 years, the German's will be as irrelevant in the USA consumer market as the English and the Italians are today."

People laughed. Industry colleagues smirked and thought what are you smoking?

But in the last year Tesla has put its foot on the accelerator and everywhere I look new ones are driving around. And for a comparison, I think I've seen ONE new BMW 3-Series on the road here.


So tonight I ask YOU to make your predictions...10 years from today WHICH companies will be gone or rendered useless in the USA market? Tell us WHO and WHY.

Spies, discuss.

Ten Years From Today WHICH Auto Companies Will Be GONE Or Rendered USELESS In The Market?

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