As you know we changed over Auto Spies server infrastructure and we promised good changes and upgrades were coming to the site.

Promises made, promises kept.

Today, we launched a new back end to our article comments.

It's a bad day for TROLLS but a GREAT day for all of US!

All the requests for editing, etc. is all there now and you don't need to have an Auto Spies account to comment. I especially like the ability to easily express emotions by posting gif's. It's brought out my inner BURT MACKLIN!

Just use your favorite social login. Facebook, Twitter, you get it!

There's a lot to like as we broaden our reach. Hell, we even have a cool new look at Google and we're listed in the top sites...I know, the sun shines on a dog's butt once in a while too!

So enjoy it, use it, love it, SHARE it!

It's been a crazy year but we have a lot to be thankful for. And without YOU, it wouldn't be possible.

SO thank you for your patience and support! For our USA readers, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Let's get to it and start having some commenting FUN! Happy posting!

The WAIT IS OVER AND It's A BAD DAY For Internet TROLLS! Auto Spies Updates Our Blog Commenting System! Check It Out!

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