Splitvolt has answered two major drawbacks to electric vehicle (EV) ownership, slow charging and costly rewiring. Their Splitvolt Splitter Switch is a game-changer, rolling out this week at the virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

What a concept: Simple and inexpensive power access, and fast recharging.

A new product category, an EV Splitter Switch, shares your existing 240-volt dryer socket to provide full 24-amp power on demand, to dry your clothes, recharge your EV charger, or the vehicle itself. According to the company, it will deliver power to charge your car seven times faster, bypassing the cost, complexity, and time required to have an electrician install a new power circuit. In some locations, this may entail having to get a permit, another of those EV ownership drawbacks.

It may not sound exciting but as I test the New Mustang Mach-E this week, I never realized what a hassle finding fast, FREE, charging places. I thought the idea of EV's were to drive for next to nothing?

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CES 2021- The Year The EV Charger Changed?

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