We're beginning to see new Land Rover Defenders on the road and after speaking with many we see, we're getting this feedback.

1. They were excited about it and like it
2. They were ALL have some kind of niggling electrical issues similar to what you've been seeing in YouTube reviews.
3. When asked what brand they came from before buying the Defender all of them came out of a different Land Rover model (Mostly Range Rovers). And none say traded a G-Class or similar product to become NEW LR customers.

Granted I've only spoken to around 15 owners but I was surprised that in that sampling NONE came from another brand.

So that's our question today for you.

Are the Defender buyers you know coming from competing brands or just previous LR customers bored getting the same thing again?


Is The New Defender Conquesting New Customers To The Brand Or Are The Buyers Just Buying It Instead Of Another LR Model?

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