I've been lucky to have been testing the all new Mustang Mach-E this last week.

As you know I have nothing AGAINST EV's but so far, none of them have moved me enough to want one.

So when I got the Mustang, I wasn't expecting much. I won't give away to many details but to my eye, it's the BEST looking EV now offered for sale. When you see it in person, it's HOT.

The other thing is I can't believe the reaction of the people who see it. They are CRAZY about it so I'll say when they hit dealers in volume its going to do MUCH better than most people think.

But the biggest surprise is how well it drives and performs.

Steering, suspension, power and drive dynamics are all as good as most any high end luxury suv model and BETTER than most.

So here's my question...PROVE to me WHY An Audi E-Tron is worth OVER 30k MORE than this new Mustang?

It's not better looking. It looks like a fifteen-year-old All-Road.
It doesn't drive better.
Range is almost identical.
Doesn't have a nice large Tesla-like screen.

So what gives?

Prove me wrong Spies. Make the case WHY the Audi is priced that much higher.

Go ahead, I'll wait...

Also, (you can see some preview shots at our Instagram @AutoSpies)

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PROVE To US WHY An Audi E-Tron Is Worth OVER 30k MORE Than A New Mustang Mach-E. GO AHEAD, We'll WAIT!

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