While buyer of petrol and diesel cars love grey the most, with their respective 248,182 and 84,489 grey registrations topping the charts for their fuel type, buyers of pure-electric vehicles chose to go a different way, with the most in-demand shade being white. A total of 25,689 electric car buyers opted for white paint in 2020.

Black proved to be the top shade for buyers of plug-in hybrid cars (PHEVs) last year, with 17,989 registrations.

Overall, there were 106 different distinct colours registered throughout the year, with the least popular hue nationwide being maroon.

For third year in a row, grey has proved to be the most popular new car colour in the UK.

The second and third most popular paint for cars last year were black and white, completing a monochrome top three.

The SMMT said the rest of the top 10 remained unchanged on 2019, apart from yellow and bronze, which swapped chart positions as yellow increased its market share by 6,816 sales — a small number but representing a 50% rise for the colour.

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