Car companies LOVE special editions. That's just a fact.

WHY? Because so do CUSTOMERS.

Admit it, when you're shopping and interested in a car who doesn't get a rise when you see a 'special edition'

And we've all probably owned one or more over the years. I've bought a few like my 2013 10th Anniversary Jeep Rubicon, Polar Edition JK, 911 40th anniversary edition, 79 CJ-7 GOLDEN EAGLE and I'm sure there are a few more.

I remember some beauties over the years I DIDN'T own like the Lincoln Continental DIAMOND JUBILEE editon, Corvette Indy Pace Car (mulitple) and many more.

I could go on but that is the purpose of this article. For YOU to tell us which ones that you remember specifically owned or wanted or HATED.

I'll start the show with one of the worst in my opinion. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited DRAGON Edition.

So let us know your BEST and WORST special editions...

ENTER THE DRAGON! NAME The WORST And BEST 'SPECIAL EDITIONS' Released Over The Years By The Car Companies.

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