Last week, we recapped the story of a 702-horsepower Ram TRX that was killed in the name of clicks. YouTuber 717 Street Speed recently acquired the $92,000 behemoth and after a video received over 25,000 likes, it was decided that the truck would be jumped for viewer enjoyment. So with only a few hundred miles on the odometer, the truck was catapulted off an embankment and took on quite a bit of damage—and that's just what we can see.

The YouTuber estimated that the truck was jumped as high as "20 feet," though that's fairly hard to measure from the camera angle, and it supposedly spanned about "40 yards." As you can imagine, the landing wasn't exactly elegant, but despite the 6,400-pound truck getting pretty banged up, it could still be driven home. Now, suspension manufacturer Bilstein wants to know just how well the truck's shocks have held up and has offered to reclaim the suspension to see how the active dampers were affected.


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WATCH: Bilstein Wants To Examine Shocks On Ram TRX That Was Launched In Crazy Video

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