In my First Drive of the U.S.-bound Audi RS6 Avant last year, I knew that Audi had a winner on its hands. Apparently, customers agree, as the beastly wagon is currently commanding a hefty $50,000 markup at some dealerships. It seems that incurring deep gouge wounds is a small price to pay for exclusivity, especially if you take your RS6 to the racetrack.

After all, this is no ordinary wagon. This Audi longroof bears the coveted RS designation. Shorthand for Race Sport, this trim is reserved for models packed with the best technology cribbed from Audi performance shop. And though the vast majority of RS6 Avants will probably never even see the parking lot of a racetrack, I was curious to see if this 16-foot behemoth was indeed worthy of its pedigree.

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DRIVEN: 2021 Audi RS6 Avant Is A Race Track Beast, But Is It Worth The $50K Over MSRP Dealers Are Demandng?

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