New photos from the Tesla Fremont Factory obtained by Teslarati show the new Refreshed Tesla Model S and its new features, confirming the long-time speculation of whether the company’s flagship sedan would be updated nine years after its initial release.

After the Plaid Model S was announced in 2019, slight cosmetic modifications were added to the car to increase aerodynamic performance in a track setting. Some of these new features included a wider body, a rear diffuser, and a spoiler. Tesla has made several changes to the Refreshed Model S, as seen in the photos below. The vehicle was spotted at both the Fremont Test Track and on public roads when the photographs were taken.

What's your call Spies? STUD or DUD?

More shots at the link.

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If THIS Is The Real Re-Freshed Tesla Model S, Is It A STUD Or A DUD?

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