If you were to pick the most over the top and most over engineered car of its time it would have to be the W140 Mercedes-Benz S-Class designed by Bruno Sacco.

And even though I owned two (lease takeovers), they were horrendously overpriced and the design looked like a BAR OF SOAP.

And talk about UNRELIABLE...Land Rover-ish.

So why anyone would want to redesign and modernize it is beyond us. Put them in a hole and BURN them.

But here is his GRAND re-design, like it or not. I wonder if the resign will keep the rear fender sight antennae for backing up before the days of Parktronic.

Designer Takes A 'GRAND' Shot At Redesigning The W140 S-Class. Or As We Call The Exercise, Redesigning A BAR OF SOAP!

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