As I see all the winter weather meme's flying across my social media screens from my friends out east, this YouTube look bad at a 90's GMC Yukon 6.5 Diesel SUV warmed my heart.

And brought me back in my mind to some great old times in Buffalo.

Now I know we have Wrangler's, Defender's, Bronco coming and other good bad weather vehicles, but where is the old school FULL SIZE badass SUV that performs as well off road and in snow as this old bad boy?

Do you miss these and what would you put up against it today in the full-size space? And is it time maybe for that segment to COME BACK. Can you say FULL size Bronco, Blazer and Yukon? YES, PLEASE!

I'd even welcome back a 'retro edition' with the 'CRUSHED VELVET' seat like in this gem in the video!

With The MAD Winter Weather Hitting The East, WHO WOULDN'T Want One Of THESE Right Now? And IS THERE A MODERN Equivalent?

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