Last year reports started to emerge that Bugatti was going to be sold to Rimac, with the justification that the Volkswagen Group would gain a greater share of the Croatian supercar brand, as well as benefit from its expertise by turning over the brand in exchange for shares of Rimac. At the time, it had looked as though leadership change was on the way at Bugatti, with rumors of Stephen Winkelmann being replaced at the helm—and a clear direction from the overall group that Bugatti would be ditching their roaring engines to go electric.

Porsche is VW Group's way into gaining an advantage over Rimac, whose other automotive sector investors include Jaguar, Hyundai, Koenigsegg and Magna, and getting the tech that projects like the Battista can only borrow. If a sale of Bugatti could gain VW a controlling portion—as well as offload some of its assets—it could be in the particular interests of Porsche, who is rumored to be being listed by VW just days ago.

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What If Rimac Bought Bugatti - Is That Good Or Bad?

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