If you're like us the second people know that you're into car, this inevitable scenario will come sooner or later.

And it may not turn out like you THINK.

What are we talking about?

Well, it would be THIS: The good old "Hey, I'm in the market for a new ride, can I pick your brain?"

And just like the good people we are, we gladly say "SURE, HAPPY to HELP."

Which leads me to this question...

Do your friends and neighbors TRULY want your opinion and expertise, or do they just want you to VALIDATE their choice and say something like, OMG, that USED LR3 with with 75k miles you're dying to buy is probably the SMARTEST car move EVER! And don't even WASTE YOUR TIME with an extended warranty because your car knowledge is so deep and profound, WHY would you even need that?

From our experience here at Auto Spies, unfortunately, your friends are just look for validation.

Prove us wrong. What is YOUR take on this subject?

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