Ah, 2019. Those were simpler times when we were allowed to go to the pub and have a beer without having to worry about catching a potentially deadly virus. Drivetribe has uploaded on YouTube some previously unreleased footage shot a couple of years ago with co-founder Jeremy Clarkson shooting the breeze about cars, obviously.

The most interesting question he had to answer was about the car that got away. The charismatic British presenter, now aged 60, admitted it was “idiotic” of him to sell his BMW 3.0 CSL. Not only that, but he sold it for a mere £3,000. Nowadays, the homologation special costs well into six figures, regardless of currency. Only 1,265 examples of the Shark were made between 1972 and 1975.


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WATCH: Jeremy Clarkson Recalls The Car He Never Should Have Sold

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