The rumored Apple car. Story after story after story and now one more called 'The Rumored Apple Car Is Bad News for Elon' in Wired magazine.

Here's a couple key thoughts from it...

"multiple sources are now reporting that Apple has put the project back in gear. We hear that key executive John Giannandrea (Google’s former AI chief) is in charge, that Apple may partner with Hyundai to manufacture it, and that the company is shopping for lidar sensors to help the cars drive themselves.

One analyst opined that if Apple got 1 percent of the auto market, it would reap $50 billion in revenues. That’s an interesting way to look at it, because when Jobs announced the iPhone in 2007, he made the low-balling remark that if the new device got a single percent of the market, it would sell 10 million units. That was many billions of units ago.

what company is better placed to challenge Musk than the one that made the iPhone?"

All of that makes interesting points but when I was the Technical Advisor to The President of Apple Computer Canada back in the 80's I spent a LOT of time with John Sculley and he used many great comparisons in the day in his presentations.

This one was his favorite when the media kept posting stories saying when IBM builds a personal PC, BYE-BYE Apple!

So he would talk about what happened with GM when Japan was gaining momentum producing small, fuel efficient cars. He mocked the media by calling out their bias towards GM/Michigan after reading story after story of them saying 'LOOK OUT JAPAN, GM has announced IT will be a small car! Your days are NUMBERED!

Well guess what? That small car they built to compete head to head with Japan was the CHEVROLET CHEVETTE! WHAT a GALACTIC pile of dung that thing was.

So Sculley would follow that lead in saying "just because you SAY you're going to build a competitive product, doesn't GUARANTEE you will build a GOOD one!"

So Spies, we may be in a similar situation here with the Apple car vs. Tesla.

Do YOU think the product Apple will produce will be GOOD ENOUGH to send Elon reeling?


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Everyone THINKS The Apple Car Is Bad For Elon But Who Is To Say Apple Will Produce A Good One?

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