Covid really put the kaibash on many vehicle launch plans last year.

If you remember, the new Ford Bronco was supposed to launch in April and got pushed to July. And the new Bronco Sport was supposed to surface a month or so before its big brother.

But now, even thought the new Bronco is announced, deposits have been put down etc., the baby brother Sport has already been selling in dealers and you see them on the streets and on commercials.

And that, based on our experience has created a problem.

All of us are big car fans and know our stuff. But the masses? Not so much.

And from OUR experience and hopefully you will confirm it seeing it's happened to you as well is simple...

MOST PEOPLE think the Bronco Sport IS the NEW BRONCO. They really haven't grasped that there is a FAMILY of Bronco's and that it is the BABY brother.

I can't tell you how many of the people I know wanting to impress me because they know what I do, tell me 'Hey, I saw the NEW BRONCO TODAY!"

I reply, "You mean you saw the Bronco Sport?"

They respond, NO, the BRONCO!

Back to me, well, the new BRONCO isn't OUT yet, only the SPORT. There is a family of Bronco products." Two right now but more to come.

And their eyes glaze over and say I SWEAR, I saw the NEW Bronco!

But no matter how many times I try to clarify the situation for them, it doesn't register.

It's like a who's on first logic loop.

So are YOU experiencing what we are?

Because it's been happening to me like once a day for the last few months.


Is The Ford Bronco SPORT CONFUSING The Marketplace Of Consumers Because MANY Think It's The NEW BRONCO?

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