As much as we like to chide domestic automakers for abandoning traditional cars for the juicier margins of crossover vehicles, they haven’t done away with them entirely. Cadillac even went so far as to introduce Blackwing variants of the CT4-V and the CT5-V in 2021, something many claimed was necessary after the V-Series lost some of its mightiness when the new models arrived. Apparently, General Motors wants its luxury division to keep it up with the Blackwing models while it continues to expand the V-Series lineup.

“The V-Series lineup has expanded,” Cadillac Chief Engineer Tony Roma told GM Authority in a recent interview. “You’re going to see more of that in the future. We’re going to do more V-Series. It’s important to our brand and you’ll see it on other products.”


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Cadillac To Expand Blackwing Program - You Ready For A $200K Escalade?

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