As I look at the new VW ID.4 and next gen Chevy Volt it's hard for me not to think OMG, HOW boring and unemotional can a vehicle get?

Just looking at them sucks the life out of me.

And then what you see what they're charging for them, it further boggles the mind. It would be like Toyota having the nerve to charge $40k for a COROLLA.

What's even funnier it the media trying SO hard to push them and attempt to convince people how great they are.

LORD JESUS, just give me a RAV4 Hybrid and be done with it. Does anyone need anything more if they're just shopping for an APPLIANCE?

Give us your feedback and enjoy this unbelievably dull, poorly shot review to match the boredom of the cars.

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Name TWO HOMLIER, More BORING Vehicles Than The VW ID.4 And Chevy Bolt EUV. MAYBE, You'll Do BETTER Than US, Because WE COULDN'T

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