It's hard to think of something that the media has been forcing down people's throats that so FEW people really want. And THAT, would be EV's.

As you've read many times here, we have nothing against EV's. We're of the belief of buy WHATEVER THE F you WANT!

But what grinds us is a media that has gone from telling you the world is imploding so you'd better buy an EV before it's too late and if you voice you OPINION in ANY way against them, well, you're just a loser and an idiot.

Here's a snippet of the article link from this true EXPERT in the field of automotive. Well, maybe he's not but he probably DID stay in a Holiday Inn last night.

"So to the people who moan and cry about electric cars, grow up and move on, because you’re making yourself look like an idiot (as I’m sure I have in the past when I was openly skeptical). Also, if you’ve got no experience of something (and I’m guessing all of the naysayers mentioned above don’t), then what qualifies you to bad mouth an EV, especially one as exciting and compelling as the Taycan?"

Dude, if EV's were SO DAMN GOOD, why are they still hovering at 2% and haven't even give us a glimmer that they will EVER reach critical mass?

We'll make it simple for you because it seems you need this basic knowledge and missed your critical thinking course.

Until the math works (pricing/resale value/etc.) for consumers and there is a REVOLUTIONARY change in battery technologies and charging infrastructures, it will NEVER happen.

Oh, and one last news story you may have missed that further complicates the equation in the USA is that the sedan is dead.

You also may want to consider working for the government seeing they love selling lots of things people dislike.

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This Writer Tells ANYONE Who Doesn't Like EV's To GROW UP And MOVE ON. And You'd BETTER, OBEY!

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