Audi unveiled the production-ready E-Tron GT electric four-door and its RS variant last month and based on specs alone, we all knew it would be extremely quick. But numbers on a page aren't nearly as interesting as the real thing in action. To scratch that itch, footage and reviews of Audi's new EV from across the pond are starting to surface, including this clip of Automann-TV taking the 637-horsepower RS E-Tron GT to almost 160 mph on Germany's autobahn.

Filmed from the driver's point-of-view, the video also gives us a good look at the GT's interior outside of polished press photos. There are a couple of shots of the Audi's rear end getting loose on some empty backroads as well as a look at what it's like being launched from a stop.

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WATCH: Just How Fast Does That Audi RS e-Tron GT Go On The Autobahn?

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