Tesla’s largest Supercharger V3 station to date has taken a definitive step forward, with the Santa Monica Planning Commission approving the 62-stall rapid-charging facility in a 5-2 vote. The approval came following three hours of discussions and questions, which included some interesting points against the Supercharger V3 site. 

The 62-stall Supercharger V3 station, located at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard, would feature two lots split in the middle by an alley. The west lot of the station will include 36 Supercharger V3 stalls, while its east side will house the remaining 26. The project will also include solar arrays on the west lot, battery storage units, and a restroom that is accessed by a code.

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Massive 62 Stall Charging Station Approved Over Residents Concern Of Those Rowdy Tesla Owners

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