Reclusive Hollywood legend Tom Selleck has been spotted out for the first time during lockdown. 

The Magnum PI and Blue Bloods actor, who turned 76 on January 29, was seen by running errands near his Los Angeles neighborhood on Monday afternoon.

He kept in casual, wearing a baggy navy T-shirt, black shorts and sneakers. He wore a face mask before taking it off to enjoy the fresh California air. 

This is the first time Selleck has been seen in public since 2019. 

I've had the pleasure of meeting him when I worked at Apple. He was a Mac guy and stopped into the Macworld convention in SF and I got to spend a little time with him.

One interesting fact you all might not know if you're a fan of his and say Mel Gibson...

Although on screen both of their images are larger than life, only Selleck is a big guy. REALLY, big. My height, 6"4". Whereas Mel, who I've also had the pleasure to meet a number of times (he was a big Kings fan and had front row seats at the Forum) is a rather petite man compared to MAGNUM. The google stats say 5'10" but I'll make a beer bet (not while driving) and say from my experience, more like 5'8".

Can you guess The Blue Blood's Commish's daily driver?

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SPIED! Tom Selleck Doesn't Drive A MAGNUM, But Can YOU Guess His Daily Driver? And Also, We Hear He's A GREAT TIPPER!

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